Launch BrailleTAB project: the first virtual library dedicated to blind musicians

Longueuil – February 1st 2017 - We announce the launch of the first virtual library dedicated to blind musicians, the BrailleTAB project.

Actually, there is no or a few Braille guitar tablatures available for blind musicians. The material available is often produced by one person, hasn't been validated by a professional musician and is not accessible for blind guitarists.

BrailleTAB team will create adapted material dedicated to blind musicians. In the next year, we will produce in electronic and printed format around one hundred of guitar tabs in Braille that will be available from our website.

Using BrailleTAB, blind guitar players all around the world will have access to adapted material by a professional team. Learning, practice or development will never be as easier using BrailleTAB.

BrailleTAB team invites the community to contribute to the project.

This is a rallying project and we invite blind guitarists to contribute to BrailleTAB. First of all, BrailleTAB team is looking for blind guitarists who use Braille every day.

A committee will be created and invited to validate the Braille code that will be used in Braille tabs produced by BrailleTAB team. Members of the community will also help the team to choose songs that will be available on their website and will be invited to participate to the different steps of the project.

If you're interested to participate to this project, send us your candidature with a letter of motivation to